About Us

Here at Naturous Life, we are conscious about promoting beauty that is eco-friendly, environmentally conscious, healthy, and organic. Our passion is to provide overall skincare nourishment. 

We believe that what you do has an impact, not only on your skin or hair but how you carry yourself, your relationship with others, and your physical health. It is not about formulating serums or creams but sharing our love of nature and how it benefits skincare, which is why our products are curated from 100% natural oils and ingredients that you can trust.

We understand the frustration when you get disappointed by body care products. We want to redefine people's perceptions, to create a difference with toxic-free and friendly options. We are dedicated to helping individuals achieve their desired skin, body, and hair goals with ethical, pure, and efficient alternatives that will not compromise health and give you top-notch value for your money. For us, going green is the only way to achieve natural, healthy, and radiant skin.

Our Mission 

We are dedicated to sourcing only natural alternatives to improve our clients’ well-being by providing organic beauty products to heal, treat and rejuvenate the skin and hair, assisting them in selecting the best regimen plan for their beauty requirements.

Our Vision 

  • To become a pioneer in the skin and beauty care industry, promoting the importance of eco-friendly and natural alternatives over chemicals; spread conscious environmental awareness, and educate people on the benefits of preserving nature.
  • To become a leading beauty and healthcare brand that our clients and customers can rely on and trust.
  • Apply techniques, ideas, and innovations in solving skincare problems. 

Our Core Values

Quality: Our products are made sourced and produced from quality ingredients backed by scientific and anecdotal evidence to effect a wholesome, holistic, nature-approved result. We do not comprise quality for quantity; instead, we are more concerned by how well our beauty products can positively impact your well-being as a whole. 

Sustainability: All Naturous Life formulations are done to preserve the earth’s resources. We want to protect, preserve and replenish nature’s reserves for all living things rather than harm, destroy and degrade the ecosystem. To us, sustainability is conserving the environment and protecting natural resources. 

Ethical Conduct: Ethics and values guide Naturous Life’s goals and objectives in high esteem. We only deliver what is promised and see that our clients get optimal satisfaction from our products. We are also available to answer whatever questions our customers might have and give answers as soon as possible. 

Confidentiality: We are very strict about keeping our client's information private and safe from intrusive third parties. In addition to providing value, we want them to feel secure that whatever transaction is being done, they are well protected. 

Accountability: We respect and treat everyone with decency and professionalism. We establish trust through responsible conduct and maintaining genuine relationships because we achieve more when we collaborate.